Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy ArroWednesday!

Happy ArroWednesday everybody!

First up we have the  amazing Green Arrow series by Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino, and Marcelo Maiolo. Not a whole lot to go on from the solicitation except: “What startling secret is revealed on the island that gave Green Arrow birth?”. It definitely has my interests peaked and I can't wait to read this later today.

Next up, we have a new digital issue of the Arrow tie-in series. This week’s issue promises to answer “So what happened between Tommy and Laurel during the five years that Oliver was presumed dead? Find out in this steamy chapter!”. Sounds like we’ll be getting more character history fleshed out (no pun intended) in this week’s issue.

Finally, after you’ve scoured over every detail of this week’s comics, sit back and enjoy the latest episode of Arrow. Count Vertigo will be making his reappearance this week and he looks even more Scarecrow-ish than the last time we saw him. 

This is one of those perfect Emerald Storm kinda Wednesdays with two new comics to read and a TV show to watch. Look for reviews of the two comics later today and tomorrow (I'll be doing something else for the TV show later). It’s a good time to be a Green Arrow fan people, so go out and support the Emerald Archer!

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